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Application-Consistent Backup and Recovery for Cassandra

Deliver cluster-consistent backups and repair-free recoveries. Eliminate complex home-grown backup tools and unleash up to 80% in hard savings. MPY Technologies mData IO delivers application-consistent, point-in-time recoveries for your on-prem and cloud deployments of DataStax and Apache Cassandra.

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Download Sheet
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MPY Technologies mData IO RecoverX for Cassandra

1 Protect Cassandra and DataStax databases with RecoverX, a software-defined data management control plane. Integrate with Cassandra via well defined APIs and leverage an intelligent SLA policy engine.
2 Stream data in parallel to secondary backup storage by using lightweight Application Listeners. Backups are cluster-consistent across any Cassandra cluster size.
3 Restore data in parallel from/to Cassandra, resulting in reduced RPOs and RTOs. Deliver incremental forever backups from any or multiple nodes and in native formats. Orchestrate restore operations.
4 Use semantic deduplication technology to cut on-premises / cloud storage costs by up to 80%.
5 Automate test/dev refresh with column family level granularity and cross-cloud mobility. Any-to-any topology restore delivers data from and to unlike clusters. Advanced support for TTL helps achieve test/dev use cases.

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