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From the world’s largest, trusted registrar.

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If you’d like advice, don’t hesitate to contact us . We can help with your domain name search and discuss how to choose the best extension for promoting you and your business. Some domain extensions have complicated registration requirements, so let us handle your registration. Thanks to our strong relationships with the world’s registries, we have all the inside knowledge. You can contact us by email or phone. You will be assigned a dedicated, multi-lingual account manager.

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How pre-registration works?

Pre Register Your Domain

Pre-register your domain

Pre-registration is a free, no obligation process and provides you with great advantages. Pre-registration is a watch list that allows you to pre-register your interest for upcoming domain availability. MPY Technologies will only accept 1 pre-registration for each specific domain. MPY Technologies does not guarantee availability, confirm this domain name will become available or that it will be registered.

Purchase Your Domain

Purchase your domain

The new TLDs will be available from MPY Technologies as soon as they launch. However, ICANN will only allow a limited number of new TLDs to be introduced per month over the next two years. MPY Technologies will keep you informed when a domain becomes available, at which point you'll know pricing information, terms, etc. With this information in hand, you can make the decision to purchase the domain.

Obtain Your Domain

Obtain your domain

Once your domain order has been confirmed, MPY Technologies will pass it on to the relevant domain registry. If orders for your preferred domain are received by the registry from other providers, an allocation process with rules set by the respective registry will start (first-come, first-served). The allocation of pre-reserved domains is carried out by an independent awarding authority, with no influence.

New Domain Extensions

2014 was an internet year to remember: the .com web address lost its exclusivity to the birth of over 700 .exciting-new-ones.

The spectrum of new domain extensions is one of the biggest online changes since the dawn of the internet. The diversity offers a fresh form of communication between businesses and their clients, bringing everyone closer together. Now you can be professional and exciting, original and memorable, all at the same time.

As a leader in the web hosting industry, we offer a full range of unique domain name extensions: how about a .ninja for your stealthy cleaning services, a .earth to let everyone know you are environmentally aware, or a .club to really stand out when it comes to showing off your events.

The Spectrum Of New Domain Extensions

What You Can Do With A Domain?



Whether you’re a blogger or a business, let your website shine with a unique new domain extension.



Create a unique and memorable email address using your red hot domain extension . Who can forget an original brand identity?

Brand Protection

Brand Protection

Secure the edge to your business with a web address that is unique. Determine the competition by snapping up similar domain names.

Online Shop

Online Shop

Secure your own piece of flexible online retail space without the costs and hassle of bricks and mortar.

Resumé and Portfolio

Resumé and Portfolio

Want to reach 2.5 billion internet users? Launch your online presence today.

Business Card

Business Card

Want to impress at networking events and be memorable? Your unique domain name will lead the way.

Save It For Later

Save it for Later

Is your great idea ready to go, but you still need some time to launch? No problem, secure your domain name now to avoid future disappointment.

Frequently asked question

Domains have been registered and in use for decades. During this time, millions of domain names have been created, registered, and deleted. Since each of these domains must be unique, the list of applicable or desirable names available to your business has been depleted, if not exhausted.
In the past, there were only 22 top-level domains (TLDs) or domain extensions in use, such as .com, .net, and .org. The ICANN organization realized that there was a dwindling supply of ideal TLDs and sought to remedy that by adding new domain extensions. This provides you with better or more creative ways to create a domain that is helpful for your business or website.

There are 20+ generic top-level domains (or gTLDs) that have been used over the years. Most of these are widely available to the public (such as .com for commercial use), but some are limited to government (.gov), military (.mil), countries or universities (.edu). In the last few years, this crowded field of gTLD extensions was infused by many new available gTLDs. offers over 300 new TLDs. These newer domain extensions are already live and available. Here's more information about each phase:
General Availability — Domain name extensions are available to the public and can be secured based on a first-come, first served basis. You may search our website for the original TLDs or any of the new TLDs.
The Early Access Period (EAP) — Serves as an alternative to priority domain registration for new domains. This option functions on a sliding scale during the first week a new domain is made available. The fees for setup will vary depending on the day you choose to purchase the domain. The earlier you register a new domain extension, the more expensive the setup fee may be since you have the opportunity to secure the perfect domain before anyone else.
Trademark Holder — This registration period is the earliest a person may register a new domain. It is also referred to as the Sunrise period. This option is only available to those people who have had a Trademark validated by the Trademark Clearinghouse.
Pre-Registration — The Pre-Registration phase allows you to submit your name before the desired domain extension goes into live registration during the General Availability period. This allows you the opportunity to beat out others who are looking to purchase the same domain you want.
Priority Pre-Registration — Priority Pre-Registration allows you to pay a premium to place your registration request ahead of anyone in the pre-registration period.

Pre-registration gives you the option to take a shot at landing a domain name that you think others may compete with you to try and register. The pre-registration process is fairly simple and can give you the opportunity to buy a new domain coming out into the market.