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An mPlus Approach to Remote & Branch Office Protection

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An mPlus-ier Approach to Remote & Branch Office Protection

MPY introduces mPlus, a software appliance that extends data protection and management to virtualized and physical remote and branch office (ROBO) environments. Deploy MPY Technologies mPlus at remote locations to backup locally, replicate to a central data center, and archive to the cloud with an easy interface.

An MPlus Ier Approach o Remote And Branch Office Protection

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SaaS-powered Centralized Management

mStar GPS delivers centralized management for your global, distributed MPY Technologies environment - on-prem, at a remote site, or in the cloud. Troubleshoot faster. Determine SLA compliant apps at-a-glance. Instantly create custom data visualizations with filtering as-you-go.

Recover at the mPlus

MPY Technologies mPlus eliminates the complexity of legacy solutions. Save time by managing backup and replication policies versus creating individual backup schedules. Quickly recover your applications and access your files by searching a global index that catalogs all data, no matter where it’s stored.

Quick To Deploy

Quick To Deploy

Install mPlus as a software appliance on virtualized and physical servers.

Easy to Manage

Easy to Manage

Define backup and replication policies on a per-VM, application, and file set basis in one policy engine.

Fast Recovery

Fast Recovery

Quickly recover failed applications or lost files with predictive search.

How It Works

Deploy MPY Technologies mPlus as a software appliance at your remote and branch office locations.

How It Works

Bring Operational Simplicity and Savings to the mPlus

Trusted By the World’s Leading Companies

"With MPY Technologies we can reduce our RPOs, ensure fast recovery, and meet the requirements in our industry."

“In a very short amount of time, mnj has provided a platform for us to modernize our data protection strategy and allow scalable growth. Using MPY Technologies mPlus, we have set up replication of data across multiple sites, seamlessly providing redundancy and data protection of critical business applications."

"We have eliminated the complex backup environment at multiple sites by deploying the MPY Technologies mPlus, resulting in a footprint reduction of as much as 25% of the server infrastructure per site."

"When we tested MPY Technologies mPlus, it was very impressive. It doesn’t need any attention and does the job from the first minute without complex management."

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