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Faster Recoveries For Office 365

Faster Recoveriesfor Office 365

Protect and manage Office 365 with MPY Technologies’s mStar SaaS platform, a cloud-native solution. Recover quickly in the event of data loss with granular search and restores. Harness the elasticity of the cloud to auto-scale protection in line with Office 365 usage while retaining full control of where data is stored.

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How It Works

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    Set Up in Minutes: Easily connect to your Azure and Office 365 subscriptions. MPY Technologies auto-discovers all users.

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    Manage via Policies: Assign data management policies with role-based access controls via one SLA policy engine.

  • 3
    Search and Recover Quickly: Deliver faster recoveries based on assigned user permissions.

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Secure by Design.
Retain Full Control of Your Data.

Secure By Design. Retain Full Control of Your Data.
All data remains in your Azure subscription, including emails, calendar items, and metadata, so you maintain control of where data is stored.
mStar orchestrates Azure resources to complete data management tasks – backup, search, recovery – as needed.

Why mStar For Office 365?

We emphasise on the growing need of a secure, cloud-native solution to protect and manage SaaS applications.

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Why MStar For Office 365