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NoSQL Data Protection for Cassandra and MongoDB

Protecting NoSQL applications requires a different approach. Meet MPY Technologies mData IO, which brings enterprise-grade data protection purpose-built for next-gen applications built on NoSQL databases.

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NoSQL Data Protection For Cassandra And MongoDB

MPY Technologies mData IO Delivers World-class NoSQL Data Protection

App Consistent Backups

App-Consistent Backups

Deliver app-consistent backups with a policy-driven approach. NoSQL database backups are always available in native formats.

Simplicity At Scale

Simplicity at Scale

Leverage a software-defined control plane to meet the needs of growing application and database needs. Deliver ease of deployment, configuration, and management – all at scale.

Development Efficiencies

Development Efficiencies

Refresh production data to Test/Dev with any-to-any topology restores. Address enterprise use cases – compliance, governance, GDPR, ransomware, and DR.

Your Choice: Physical, VM, or Cloud-Native

MPY Technologies mData IO gives you the deployment flexibility you deserve to protect your modern applications.

Stream and Store Backups Anywhere

Stream in parallel and store backups anywhere – public cloud, private cloud or NAS. Leverage MPY Technologies mData IO as a control plane to manage data across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Stream And Store Backups Anywhere

Accelerate Test/Dev

Recover anywhere and to any point in time (APIT). Accelerate testing and development by streaming only what is needed, securely masking sensitive data, and deploying any-to-any database topology recovery.

Accelerate Test Dev

Trusted By The World’s Leading Companies

"With MPY Technologies mData IO, we’re confident that if any of our applications built on Cassandra databases are corrupted, we’ll be able to recover from data loss using mData IO’s point-in-time recovery capabilities."

"Given the critical nature of our customer-facing data, a scalable, next-generation, cloud-native backup and recovery solution is a requirement."

"With MPY Technologies mData IO, we achieved 90% reduction in AWS S3 backup storage costs, 30% reduction in recovery time versus a native MongoDB backup solution, 300% ROI in the first 12 months, and a guaranteed 4-hour backup SLA, 2-hour recovery SLA."

Empower DBAs and Line of Business Owners

  • 1

    Online Backup and Recovery

    Backup and recover live with continuous streaming, incremental forever backups, and no more quiescing.

  • 2

    Granular Protection

    Backup and recover at the database level or individual table level.

  • 3

    Query-able Recovery

    Accelerate Test/Dev by streaming only what is needed to a topology that makes sense.

  • 4

    Enterprise Readiness

    Securely mask sensitive data when providing access to data from backups.

  • 5

    Reporting & Notifications

    Gain deep visibility into your backups, versions, and database changes for better administrative control.

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Protect and Manage NoSQL Databases

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